January 15, 2021

How UtilizeCore helps service brokers automate operations and increase their business

UtilizeCore is able to manage & monitor subcontractors' compliance as well as manage inventory

Any business that has to hire subcontractors in order to support clients knows that staying organized and ahead of the game is crucial for operating smoothly as well as for growing revenue. Luckily for these ‘service brokers,’ UtilizeCore’s SaaS platform is revolutionizing facilities management, property management, and many more industries that deal with hiring subcontractors. The CEO of UtilizeCore, Ryan Gottfried, knows his software is changing the game precisely because it allows the service brokers, who have to hire subcontractors in order to support the clients, to modernize and automate the entirety of their chaotic and complex businesses. While this may sound like an overstatement, it is not; UtilizeCore’s software is truly all-encompassing. 

Any company that hires subcontractors in order to complete a job for a client knows that there is ample opportunity for friction and error. This is because managing the relationship and workflows between clients and subcontractors is extremely manual and inefficient.  These jobs involve many individuals, a highly complex set of tasks, and various touchpoints. Not only does the SaaS platform provide service brokers with a centralized platform to manage these operations, but it allows them to save time with automation, easily push work down to their subcontractor, transparently communicate with their clients, and interpret long-term business trends with hyper-specific data and analytics. 

Service brokers are able to manage the basics of their business operations on UtilizeCore with the ability to send workorders, receive invoices, payments, proposals, as well as purchase orders regarding inventory management. Furthermore, in order to stay ahead of any avoidable revenue blockers, service brokers on UtilizeCore are also able to manage & monitor subcontractors’ compliance as well as manage inventory. As mentioned, UtilizeCore truly distinguishes itself through their ability to seamlessly automate tasks that would typically take service brokers hours to complete; this SaaS platform not only allows service brokers to set up agreements with clients and subcontractors, but also allows them to set up a service frequency that will auto-generate and dispatch work orders to their subcontractors’ people. This, of course, frees up their employees’ time and minimizes human mistakes. 

In order for the service brokers to be able to run their business effectively, they need to be able to receive real-time information about work-orders, equipment, sites, et cetera, from subcontractors and onsite technicians. This is exactly what UtilizeCore enables; the software has the capability to pass along highly detailed, real-time information from the change order to service, to the subcontractor, to the client. Service brokers can create, schedule, dispatch, and manage work orders, which are seamlessly connected to the subcontractor portal in order to receive immediate updates about any important information like service tasks provided, photos, notes, and GPS enabled check-in/out data. Furthermore, in order to truly modernize and optimize a service broker’s business, UtilizeCore has innovative and intelligent data and analytics capabilities. The revolutionary SaaS platform can create customized dashboards & reports containing hyper-specific information tailored to the specific needs of the service broker; the brokers can use this data to inform important business decisions. Of course, the service brokers are able to easily pass along this information to their clients as well as deal with invoices online via a secure and easy-to-use payment processor.

Beyond growing the list of cities they do business in, UtilizeCore is expertly cultivating their team. With offices around the United States, UtilizeCore also has multiple offices in India; the software company has two offices in Mumbai as well as offices in Bangalore, Nagpur, and Nasik. The CEO of UtilizeCore, Ryan Gottfried, has been able to grow his team in India precisely because of his ability to delegate leadership to his Vice President of Software Architecture, Abdul Basit Shaikh, and his Vice President of Engineering, Ramesh Srinivasan. Abdul states. “We are very proud of our constantly evolving technology towards micro-services and API driven architecture.” Not only are they focused on building the best technology, but they are also focused on curating a productive and open work environment. Ramesh notes, “We focus on hiring the best of the best. We’ve done over 500 interviews. It is a rigorous process, but it pays off in the end.”

With UtilizeCore’s modern and frictionless SaaS platform, the service procurement industry is undergoing a revolution of optimization. Not only does UtilizeCore’s software increase efficiency, but it also enables service brokers as well as their subcontractors & clients to communicate transparently, automate their business, and intelligently incorporate data and analytics. This, of course, saves time, decreases human error, and illuminates long-term trends and revenue-blockers. UtilizeCore’s ability to tackle a plethora of complex and connected problems as well as provide automated solutions for the service brokers, as well as their clients and subcontractors, truly makes the software revolutionary. It is precisely due to the strength of UtilizeCore’s high-end technological capabilities as well as their extensive human understanding of the industry that puts this company in the perfect position to continue to grow and capture more of the market.

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