Save hours on customer billing processes.

Accounts Receivable teams are instrumental in ensuring the financial stability of an organization. UtilizeCore provides a powerful suite of tools to streamline invoicing processes, resulting in improved cash flow and enhanced profitability.

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Why Accounts Receivable Teams love using UtilizeCore.

Easy to adopt and implement

Easy to adopt and implement

UtilizeCore's user-friendly platform guarantees swift adoption and implementation. With intuitive interfaces and bulk functionality Accounts Receivable teams can harness its full potential without hassle to quickly unlock benefits and drive results.

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Clever customization and scalability

Accounts Receivable teams can customize the platform to seamlessly fit into their existing workflows and business requirements. As your operation grows, UtilizeCore scales with you, adjusting to different client requirements and complexities.

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Seamless integration and compatibility

UtilizeCore’s cloud-based web and mobile platform effortlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing one centralized hub to control your business. With compatibility across all various devices, users can access the system from anywhere, at any time, enabling greater flexibility and productivity.

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Increase cash flow

UtilizeCore empowers Accounts Receivable teams to excel in their roles by simplifying payment processes and expediting invoice-to-cash cycles. With automated invoicing and payment reminders, teams save time and effort, allowing them to free up focus for more strategic tasks.

How Accounts Receivable Teams use UtilizeCore tosave timeincrease performanceimprove relationships

Spend 10X less time on customer invoicing processes

When it comes to invoice generation and distribution, Accounts Receivable teams are faced with manual processes that require them to cross-reference and input data multiple times. UtilzeCore streamlines the process to make it 10X faster, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic actions.

Get paid faster and easier than ever before

Automated workflows, verified data and timely alerts mean that Accounts Receivable teams can avoid errors and delays, while ensuring that customers invoices are generated and settled as quickly as possible. This helps to alleviate pressure from the team, enabling them to do their best work without the stress.

Improved customer relationships

A structured process makes for a more efficient operation that customers appreciate. Using UtilizeCore, Accounts Receivable teams can communicate effectively both internally and externally to keep on top of invoices without feeling like they’re chasing payments.

Make critical data-driven decisions faster

Access to valuable insights enables Accounts Receivable teams to have a clear picture of the entire operation at all times. The ability to closely monitor key performance indicators (KPI’s) makes it easy to get ahead of challenges, identify opportunities and implement informed strategies to drive the business forward.

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Yes, UtilizeCore integrates with QuickBooks Online and Sage 300.

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