Business Platform

Providing Agile ERP Solutions Secured by the Blockchain

Business Platform Providing Agile ERP Solutions Secured by the Blockchain

We are simplifying and securing how modern-day businesses recruit, transact, communicate and holistically interact as an organization and with clients, and vendors.


Simplify and secure transacting, communicating, recruiting and more as an organization and with clients, and vendors.

Auto pilot outdated, labor intensive ways of working into modern

highly automated workflows, so employees, clients and vendors

get what they need it, without the operation hassel. 









Process: Get it right the first time. Analyze, before implentation.

 Advanced Business Process Mapping

Business workflow analysis is a process in which examine the progression of business workflows in order to improve efficiency.  Business workflow analysis identifies areas for improvement, for example: Bottlenecks, Redundant tasks or processes, Inefficient workplace layouts

By improving business workflows, you’re vendors, and employees are used more efficiently, so more valuble work is executed.


Eliminate Double Entry and Save Time! Integrate.

Software integration is the process of combining diverse sub-systems in order to create one coherent, major multi-functional system. It involves conjoining normally standalone software applications to act as a whole. It can be said that with the advent of the internet and cloud platforms, software integration exploded in demand. Legacy systems, through other sub-systems are now able to add utilities as one individual sub-system contributing the bigger picture.

What type of Business are you? 

Tools for teams, from startup to enterprise.

Digitalize your workflows, so you can drive revenue, cut costs, and increase margins. 

Property Management Automation

The easiest way to manage assets and sub contractors

Service Business Automation

The easiest way to manage clients, field technicians and sub contractors

Construction Buisness Automation

The easiest way to manage foreman, field workers, sub contractors, and clients

Real Estate Development Buisness Automation

The easiest way to manage CapEx work, OpEx and understand your assets value

SAAS Business Automation

The easiest way to manage clients, engineers and your software

Consultant Business Automation

The easiest way to onboard, manage and pay your consultants. Resell their skills

    Scale Your Business!

Conceive, Build, Achieve.


Can’t find the feature set that you need to run your business? Not to worry.


Utilize Core’s business professional talent community to build new features, market your company and raise capital (and more).

Connect with individuals or a team to further customize your CorePlatform, build

complementary applications to deploy them in the CoreMarketplace, or utilize the

professionals on an outsourced basis for ongoing general marketing, and

financial services needs.


Part Time
Expert Advice


Project by Project


Full-Time Team Member

While working with the professional's monitor and manage everything from a single

dashboard from any desktop or mobile device.

Post a Job

Just give us the details of your project and our verified professionals will get it done.

Connect to a Company

We run all teams and professionals through a rigorous vendor recruiting process to ensure focus and highest quality output.

Work Space

Collaborate in a secure online workplace using the latest communication tools, such as, messaging, video chatting & task management.

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