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    What is UtilizeCore?

    UtilizeCore is a service automation software platform that empowers businesses to deliver subcontracted services more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

    How does UtilizeCore's software solution help manage service delivery?

    UtilizeCore provides a fully integrated web and mobile platform for service aggregators to manage their subcontractors and clients in real time - from service request to service delivery, invoicing and payment.

    What service industry leverages UtilizeCore to manage subcontractor networks?

    UtilizeCore can be leveraged across a wide range of industries including but not limited to Snow Removal & Ice Management, Repair & Maintenance, Landscaping, Fire & Life Safety, Asphalt & Paving, Restoration...

    What key functionalities does UtilizeCore offer in its software solution?

    Customers can manage clients, vendors, work orders, proposals, compliance, accounts receivable and payable processes on one central platform.

    What reporting and tracking features are available in UtilizeCore's software?

    The UtilizeCore platform comes integrated with SiSense, free of charge. This integration allows your team to manage and track analytics for any aspect of your business. You can also work alongside the...

    How does UtilizeCore manage subcontractors and vendors through its software?

    UtilizeCore customers can invite their subcontractor/vendor network to join the system free of charge, and then leverage a web + mobile application to receive work orders, capture service, upload compliance...


    Does the system integrate with external CMMS applications?

    Yes, UtilizeCore has two-way integrations with ServiceChannel and Corrigo. You can send work orders, notes, check in/check out times, and photos to and from both systems.

    Can you bulk dispatch and auto generate work orders?

    Yes, you can bulk dispatch hundreds of work orders across multiple sites and subcontractors using the NOAA integrated map module. You can also set up agreements per site which automatically generate work...

    Does UtilizeCore offer a mobile application for clients and vendors?

    Yes, any client or vendor you invite into your network can access a free-to-use web + mobile application.

    Can you upload data from external systems in bulk?

    Yes, you can bulk upload work orders, clients, sites, vendors, team members, trades, services, assets and rates into the system with our easy to use excel templates.

    How is weather service integration handled in UtilizeCore's software?

    UtilizeCore integrates with NOAA and TruWeather free of charge to customers which is overlaid on our map module. Customers can also integrate with WeatherWorks to pull in certified snowfall totals directly...

    Can you convert a proposal to a work order?

    Yes, once a proposal has been approved, you can generate a work order from that proposal in a single click.

    Accounts Receivable

    Can UtilizeCore integrate with accounting softwares?

    Yes, UtilizeCore integrates with QuickBooks Online and Sage 300.

    Can UtilizeCore generate invoices in bulk?

    Yes, you can generate invoices grouped by client, vendor, site or work order.

    What payment processing capabilities does UtilizeCore provide?

    UtilizeCore will be launching a digital wallet and payments via Stripe coming soon.

    How will UtilizeCore save time for my team during the billing process?

    UtilizeCore streamlines billing with rate tables which allow you to automatically pull in different client, site, vendor or service rates when generating proposals and invoices line items.

    Can you generate an invoice from a proposal?

    Yes, you are able to easily generate an invoice from an approved proposal, automatically apply markup and forward to your client.

    Can you capture payment information on a client invoice?

    Yes, you can capture payment information to reconcile invoices within UtilizeCore.

    Accounts Payable

    Can UtilizeCore integrate with accounting softwares?

    Yes, UtilizeCore integrates with QuickBooks Online and Sage 300.

    Can you generate invoices on behalf of your subcontractors?

    Yes, once work is completed, you can bulk generate subcontractor invoices and quickly approve or reject them.

    Can you pay subcontractors online?

    Yes, UtilizeCore integrates with Stripe enabling you to make bulk payments online.

    How can UtilizeCore's dashboards and financial reporting tools be leveraged?

    Your team can access a wide range of different dashboards to help you better understand your margins, operational efficiencies and deficiencies and much more.

    Can you capture payment information on subcontractor invoices?

    Yes, you can capture payment information to reconcile invoices within UtilizeCore.

    Sourcing / Compliance

    How does UtilizeCore manage subcontractor compliance?

    Within the vendor module, there is a fully integrated compliance dashboard which allows you to capture documents and manage compliance across your entire subcontractor network.

    Are there compliance notifications?

    Yes you can set compliance notifications to alert you when documents are expiring to ensure you never send an out of compliance subcontractor on site. You can also set vendor specific notes which alert you...

    Can UtilizeCore help expand my subcontractor network on a national level?

    Yes, please inquire with your Customer Success Manager for more information. This is a professional service offered to enterprise customers.

    Can I store compliance documents within UtilizeCore?

    Yes, you can capture as many different types of documents you wish and save them to specific vendor profiles.

    Can I invite my vendors onto the application?

    Yes, there is an automated email and SMS onboarding sequence to help get your subcontractors signed up for the platform and download the mobile application.


    What types of work order notifications are there in UtilizeCore?

    You can configure a wide range of notifications for you and your team, however, the standard notifications are: Accept/Reject, Late, Never Arrived, Complete, Not Invoiced, Non Performed Work.

    What types of invoice notifications are there in UtilizeCore?

    You can configure a wide range of notifications for you and your team, however, the standard notifications are: Work Not Invoiced for Accounts Receivables/Payables, Sent, Received, Approved Invoice, Rejected...


    Can I manage by user permissions?

    Yes, there are industry standard roles and permissions. You also have the ability to configure your own roles and permissions.

    Can I assign specific team members to sites and trades and services?

    Yes, there are site specific permissions to assign team members as work order managers based on trade.

    How can I manage my internal workforce within UtilizeCore?

    You have the ability to associate them to sites, trades and services with specific rates (optional) if desired.

    Mobile App

    Does UtilizeCore offer a mobile app?

    Yes, all three parties including service aggregators, clients and subcontractors have access to a native mobile available on both iOS and Android. You can download the iOS app here and the android app here.

    Can I customize mobile work flows for my subcontractors?

    Yes, you can build out custom forms on the mobile app to capture a wide range of information including but not limited to photos, signatures, checklists, dropdowns, materials and more.

    Can I generate a proposal and invoice from the mobile app?

    Yes, you are able to generate proposals directly from the field using our mobile application.

    Do you offer a Spanish language version of the mobile app?

    Yes, there is a Spanish language version of the mobile application available.

    Can your subcontractors or internal team members create work orders from the mobile app?

    Yes, this is a permission-based feature and can be turned on and off whenever you wish.

    Can you capture materials used from the field?

    Yes, all materials used in the field will be reduced from inventory and appear as line items on invoices and proposals.


    How do I reach out to support?

    There are multiple ways to reach out to the support team:


    What are the support hours?

    Hours are 09:00 am to 05:00 pm EST but we also handle calls and issues till 09:00 pm PST

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