THE Future of service delivery

SaaS enabled networks will power industries across many verticals.

The problem we are solving today is a dysfunctional supply chain which makes it nearly impossible to scale service businesses who leverage subcontractor networks.

Redefining the service supply chain

We welcome everyone to the first true B2B/B2C network and marketplace in the service world.

We use artificial intelligence to locate and match subcontractors to jobs, predictive analytics to enhance service delivery, REST APIs to integrate all needed 3rd party applications.

Our initial focus is on the $680B outsourced facility management and original equipment manufacturing industries, yet to undergo a technology transformation. With first mover advantage, we are deploying an integrated end-to-end platform for B2B commercial repair and maintenance.


We have a team of Believers

After organically growing past 50,000 registered companies and tens of thousands of MRR, Boldstart ventures lead our Series Seed with participation from S12F, Mantis VC (started by Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers) and other strategic individual investors from high growth technology companies. Collectively, we share the vision of Product Led Growth, enterprise SaaS and the uberfication of the service industry.

Strategic investors and advisors who have founded and led high growth companies guiding us along our journey

Supply Chain
Eng & Product
Go to Market
Strategy & Ops

Jason Droege

Strategy Advisor | Investor
VP / Head @Uber @UberEats (Prior) President @Axon

Brian Tolkin

Product Guidence | Investor
Product @Open Door (Prior) @Uber

Justin Berka

Data Advisor | Investor
Analytics @uber + @fuze , Data Scientist @anki, @intercom

Laura Israel

SMB Service Supply Chain Operator
Executive Vice President @RAEL Fire Protection

Jason Warner

MD @ Redpoint, (Prior) CTO @ GitHub

Marko Islander

Engineering Advisor
VP of Engineering @GitHub, (Prior) Software Architect @Adobe

Serge Lubensky

Engineering Advisor | Investor
Cofounder & CTO @EquipID & Cofounder & (Prior) CTO @ServiceChannel (NYSE: FTV)

Eric Dorf

Product Management Guidance | Investor
Senior Product Manager @Snowflake Product Management @Intercom

Bill Macaitis

Go to Market Advisor
(Prior) CMO & CRO of Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce

Grant McGrail

Growth Advisor
CRO @TripActions, (prior) @WeWork @Oracle

Sriram Krishnan

Growth Guidance | Investor
(Prior) Growth @Spotify, @Tinder, @Headspin

Rick Michaux

Strategy Advisor | Investor
Founder, (prior) Chairman & CSO @Corrigo a JLL Company

Joyce Reitler

Venture & M&A Advisor | Investor
Founding Partner @Reitler Advisory Group

Jeff Leventhal

Board Observer | Investor
Co-Founder, (prior) & CEO @WorkMarket (NASDAQ: ADP)

Vivek Sodera

Strategy | Investor
(Prior) SuperHuman @LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP)

Joseph J Tinney, Jr

Enterprise Service Supply Chain Operator | Advisor
President @Pritchard (East), (prior) @Brightview (BES) @Aramark


Average Check Ins


Companies Buying and Selling Service


Work Orders Processed


Managed Services


Our Journey

UtilizeCore is an intergenerational platform dating back to 1963. We are the third generation, our predecessors had two high growth successful SaaS businesses. The theme has always been the service industry and how we can provide betterment through technology.

EMCOR Services Gotham Air Conditioning
Founded by Herb Natiss (President), Jason's Grandfather.
First self perform service automation system was built by “ServiceTechnology”
ServiceTechnology was founded by our chairman, Steven, who conceptualized the business out of Jason's, grandfather HVAC business.

The business grew to be preferred system for over 500 companies.
Our Chairman, Steven went on to found "ServiceChannel", a business that connected vendor with property and facility managers
ServiceChannel is still regarded as one of the best platforms for property and facility managers today.
Automated Service Supply Chain Platform
Enterprise & SMB service management companies automate their entire business through UtilizeCore.
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