June 6, 2022 7:56 AM

Real Time Insights Into Service With 360 Site Visibility

UtilizeCore is a game-changing platform that has reshaped service management processes. The software features a wide range of processes that streamlines and simplifies traditional service workflows for cost and time effective operations. UtilizeCore has also designed a mobile app that provides a similar experience for vendors, employees, and clients who are on the move. The UtilizeCore mobile app will help users seamlessly maintain their business vision, goals and objectives with optimized productivity with or without an internet connection (offline mode).

The UtilizeCore mobile app comes equipped with time-tracking capabilities that optimizes transparency between service management companies and vendors or on-site technicians. UtilizeCore’s time tracker module provides service managers with unmatched control and visibility in technician progress and ETAs. Time tracker provides a real-time update on technician attendance, error reports, vendor check-ins, inventory management, and more, enabling users to have full understanding of their project status with remote capabilities. The invoice/payment tool comes with advanced features that enable users to manage, review, generate, and distribute invoices and bills per site for faster approval.

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