Technovation Episode 11: Building Exterior Services: Boosting Efficiency & Visibility with Technology

In the realm of building exterior services, there’s an immense market potential waiting to be harnessed. With the North American market alone boasting a staggering $17 billion for pest control, $26 billion for paving, and $10 billion for window cleaning, the scope is undeniable.

However, the uniqueness of exterior services lies in their specialized, localized nature, often leading to outsourcing. Why the preference for outsourcing? The complexity! Services like these demand specialized technical labor, sizeable capital equipment, and sometimes even irregular service rhythms.

For those offering exterior services on a national scale, the intricacies multiply. Deploying countless local providers, ensuring adherence to Service Level Agreements, and obtaining service validation are just a few hurdles in this labyrinth.

Enter the magic of technology.

Incorporating state-of-the-art technological solutions can empower national and regional exterior services businesses to extend their service delivery efficiently, reaching even more regions. Thanks to innovations, managing a sprawling network of subcontractors becomes seamless. Automation takes the front seat, significantly reducing manual oversight.

Imagine a world where automatic service dispatches and digital service validations are the norms. The outcome? Enhanced visibility, real-time updates for clients, and a significant reduction in client queries, thereby enabling teams to focus on more intricate challenges.

In the dynamic world of building exterior services, it’s essential not to constrain oneself. With the potency of technology at your fingertips, there’s a chance to ascend your business to new heights, ensuring consistent quality, visibility, and efficiency in service delivery.

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