Create, manage and avoid costly repairs of equipments by using UtilizeCore mobile application. EquipID connects mechanical equipments to the digital world by using NFC tags. You can manage all your equipments and their analytical data in UtilizeCore through our open API integrations with EquipID.

UtilizeCore's mobile application allows technicians and subcontractors to add a new equipment on site, access manuals and catalogues pertaining to equipments, provide necessary maintenanace on regular basis to avoid unexpected equipment failures and much more. This seamless process of managing equipments simplifies inspection, testing, maintenance and repairs of equipments on each site.

Service businesses can access equipment inventory to provide important analytics to the property owners/clients. The cost of repairing or replacing an equipment can slow down operations on site and UtilizeCore's integrations with EquipID helps to avoid these expenses.

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