Do you have unique requirements for your operation? Get the right software team right when you need them.

Core is perfect for project managers, CEO’s, business owners, and their staff – who may not have relationships with quality software teams. Core provides the connection to the right software team right when you need them – typically within a few hours. It’s like having your own team of software.


Utilize CoreSealth to build your own custom business automation solution. Core Stealth is a high-level programming language for business applications. CS is a Core International proprietary programming language and its later versions are available only on UtilizeCore’s latest OS. It has a long history, having been developed by Core International throughout the 2000s.

With Core Stealth, you don’t just get an out of the box business solution. You are able to utilize it to completely design any module that you want that will ultimately run on the same interface as your fundamental Core platform.

The Process

Our team will contact you to capture all the details that you consider are necessary. Additionally, we will have meetings down the line to improve your customized software for your managers and team members.

If you are interested in hearing the testimonial please contact Core support


If you are interested in hearing the testimonial please contact Core support


If you are interested in hearing the testimonial please contact Core support

RAEL Maintenance

Get your project started now…

Conceive, Build, Achieve.


Can’t find the feature set that you need to run your business? Not to worry.


Utilize Core’s business professional talent community to build new features, market your company and raise capital (and more).


Part Time
Expert Advice


Project by Project


Full-Time Team Member

Connect with individuals or a team to further customize your CorePlatform, build complementary applications to deploy them in the CoreMarketplace, or utilize the professionals on an outsourced basis for ongoing general technology, marketing, and financial service needs.

While working with the professional's monitor and manage everything from a single dashboard from any desktop or mobile device.

Post a Job

Just give us the details of your project and our verified professionals will get it done.

Connect to a Company

We run all teams and professionals through a rigorous vendor recruiting process to ensure focus and highest quality output.


Collaborate in a secure online workplace using the latest communication tools, such as, messaging, video chatting & task management.