We lead with engineering & finish with the aesthetics.

 Two complementary sciences seamlessly blend together in the concept, development for the realization of our latest service business automation system.




Desktop Web Access

Business managers will have real-time information on the workorders and much more.

Mobile App Access

Mobile solutions will provide business managers workorders’ information on-the-go.


CoreBuilder Modules are like building blocks, and they can be combined and arranged in any number of ways to create just about any type of business solution.

Don’t see all the features you need?


Mobile App

Offered for all kind of devices, phone or tablet, iOS or Android.

“I have been working in the trade industry in Boston for 10 years, I joined the ReactWork network than within a few weeks I felt like a new technician. I was extremely organized and more connected.  Additionally, I start building out my profile and connecting with my office and co-workers seamlessly.” 




RAEL Maintenance Corporation is the leading fire sprinkler construction and maintenance company in NY, with over 94 years in business. RAEL developed a custom fire life safety solution built via CS, all RAEL’s clients will have access to subscribe to the platform through their account executive or can self-serve through the Core MarketPlace.

The solution has made their company and their clients operate more efficiently, through better client and field communication, faster turn around on service requests, and overall better business relationships.

Conceive, Build, Achieve.


Can’t find the feature set that you need to run your business? Not to worry.


Utilize Core’s business professional talent community to build new features, market your company and raise capital (and more).

Connect with individuals or a team to further customize your CorePlatform, build

complementary applications to deploy them in the CoreMarketplace, or utilize the

professionals on an outsourced basis for ongoing general marketing, and

financial services needs.


Part Time
Expert Advice


Project by Project


Full-Time Team Member

While working with the professional's monitor and manage everything from a single

dashboard from any desktop or mobile device.

Post a Job

Just give us the details of your project and our verified professionals will get it done.

Connect to a Company

We run all teams and professionals through a rigorous vendor recruiting process to ensure focus and highest quality output.

Work Space

Collaborate in a secure online workplace using the latest communication tools, such as, messaging, video chatting & task management.

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