Need An Exit Strategy For Your LegacySoftware Business?

Sell Us Your Business!

Do you own or represent a legacy software business and looking

for a way to get out of  the industry while still making a profit?

Converting your obsolete system into the  current technology

status quo can be heavily time and cost consuming and may not

even be worth it in the end.


We at Utilize Core have the power to save your company and its clients while

updating and implementing your system into our fast expanding software. Many legacy

systems have limited if any options of reliable exit opportunities in today’s market but

there at Core we specialize in giving you that option to receive your well-deserved

cash out.

                                             Benefits To Selling your Business to Core!


                                                                         Opportunity for your legacy company to cash.


                                                                               We specialize in cloud and conversion.


                                          Receive a lump some of cash up front rather than having a piece of the profit.




 Contact one of our representatives here at Core to determine your

 companies value and learn more about our team and what we can do

to make your life that much easier!