increase work order efficiency with seamless fm integrations and equipment intelligence

Leverage a single network to run your entire operation. From service request to service completion, UtilizeCore helps save your teams many days of administrative work per year.



Digitize your client sites by tagging assets to give your equipment their voice helping you gain a competitive advantage.

Integrated Systems

Seamlessly receive work orders from external FM systems including Corrigo, ServiceChannel, FM Pilot and more!


Build digital inspections forms to capture your client requirements and provide visibility into asset health and services performed.

enhancement manager

Allow your providers to capture deficiencies from the field, add margin and then forward to your client for approval to win additional business.

Automated Billing Rates

Once the work is complete, invoices are automatically generated with service and material information saving accounts receivable hundreds of hours per month.

pay your service providers

Service providers invoices can auto generate upon work order completion, removing the administrative burden. Pay your providers faster and keep them happier.

Service & Deficiency Capture on Tap

Redefine Your Client Experience

Equip your clients with a robust client portal & mobile app to manage & track all of their service requests, accept / reject proposals, and pay invoices. This full suite of tools allows them to gain site and asset visibility at anytime, anywhere.

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Two Way FM Integrations

no more siloed datA or dual entry

Connect your client's third party FM systems directly into UtilizeCore to automatically receive work orders and send updates to your clients. This helps save your operations teams hundreds of hours per year removing dual entry and paper based workflows.

Operation Managers
Easily Configure Preventative Maintenance Work

be proactive, not reactive

Using the preventative maintenance module define your scope of work per client & location defined by frequency, equipment, materials and/or services. Ensure your client's assets have minimal downtime.

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Build an Asset Inventory

Create digital equipment profiles

With UtilizeCore, the true power of the system is unleashed when you leverage our asset tagging program which enables you to tag, track and manage all serviceable assets across all your locations. Each tag creates a digital profile for your asset so you can connect critical asset data including service history, IoT data, technical documentation and SoW's directly to your field personnel.

Service Provider
Property Manager
Customizable & Digital Inspection Forms


Easily configure digital inspection forms for any type of requirement and ensure your service providers capture the correct information in the field to give your clients full visibility into work performed.

Service Provider
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Integrated Enhancement Manager

capture deficiencies from the field

Increase your first time fix rates and win more business with a streamlined proposal process allowing your service providers to quickly generate proposals from the field, for you to review, add margin and send to clients for approval. UtilizeCore automatically applies markup margin so office managers can send to clients in just a click of a button.

Service Provider
Service Provider Compliance


Manage and organize each of your vendor compliance documents including w9, certifications, licenses COI's and more in a centralized hub. Receive notifications when documents are about to expire and send only the most compliant vendors on site for service completion.

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Automated Accounts Receivable and Payable

invoicing made easy

Once work is completed, your service providers can generate and submit invoices in just a few clicks. All pertinent information will be pulled into the invoice based on the services performed and the associated rate table. Once received you can easily add a markup and send it to your client for payment.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Online Payments

PAY & be paid on a single platform

Pay and get paid all on the same platform. Leverage the first all in one service platform that allows you to pay your service providers and get paid from clients in one centralized hub. Revolutionize the way you do business. 

Service Providers
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