Senior Implementation Manager, SaaS Service Company Platform

New York, NYLegal, Full-Time

UtilizeCore is searching for a Senior Implementation Manager to help our new customers adopt and transition their work onto the UtilizeCore Platform. We are looking for someone who has several years of software implementation experience, and specific experience working with business software applications, including customer relationship management (CRM) and vendor management programs. Candidates must have experience managing data migration and be able to communicate effectively in both technical and non-technical terms.

Implementation Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Initiate the implementation process immediately after the sale closes

  • Audit and assess the client’s company to determine their current workflow & how we can best configure our solution to their existing processes

  • Call out any deficiencies which have been uncovered from the customers workflow

  • Coordinate with the data migration team to obtain all necessary data from the customers in order for them to run their system on UtilizeCore’s system

  • Clean the data for duplicates & upload it into the system

  • Ensure that the data is properly mapped in a staging environment to prevent any bugs from occuring when they go live

  • Train clients to use the platform

  • Collaborate with engineering and data science departments to determine the scope of the project

  • Implement plan specifications for integrating client’s data sources to meet client objectives

  • Communicate regularly with clients to keep them updated on progress

  • Monitor implementation and troubleshoot problems when necessary

Initiate, coordinate, complete and continuance

You will oversee the installation and configuration of the software. In this role, it is essential to be ADVANCED with GUI of the software product, UtilizeCore’s system, you will work with a team in three respective domains:

  • Data Migration for our subscribers entailing; clients, physical sites, vendors, employees, trades, services, tasks, rates, billing methods, etc

  • Collaborate with our engineering and data science teams to determine the best solutions for handling large quantities of complex data sources from our customers

  • Current Workflow Business Audits converting to Workflow Solutions

  • Coordinating schedules to train the new subscribing companies on the application

  • Administer everyday workflow of all implementation processes and provide technical support to all associates

  • Coordinate with the team to resolve all issues within the required timeframe and recommend appropriate changes to all policies and procedures and evaluate all implementation for the team

  • Monitor all implementation requests and administer staff working and assist team and senior implementation managers and provide required coaching for the same

  • Evaluate all management information reports and ensure achievement of all team objectives and provide support to senior implementation managers

  • Collaborate with the system integration team and ensure compliance to all client requirements and provide appropriate training to clients and ensure efficient implementation of all systems

  • Develop all processes and tools for an implementation lifecycle. Identify all deficiencies and provide an efficient interface with all marketing and technical departments. Maintain all project plans and ensure compliance to timeframe and collaborate with stakeholders for all implementation processes

Implementation Analyst Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business analytics, or a related field

  • 5+ years of experience working with data migration

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills

  • Several years of software implementation experience

  • Experience in a management role

  • Experience with standard business software

  • Strong communication and organizational abilities

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