Email Admin's Job description:

Navi MumbaiLegal, Full-Time

We are looking for an email administrator to develop and apply procedures for a client company’s electronic mail network. An email administrator must identify problems with a company mail network and initiate solutions to make working practices more efficient. An email administrator should have excellent organizational and communication skills and will need to prioritize key tasks and communicate with various levels of a business.


  • He/she should monitor the performance of an electronic mail system by carrying out various qualitative assessments and spot checks on network performance levels.

  • He/she should work across various business departments and investigate any reports of problems with the email system.

  • In this role, the email administrator should meet with department managers to initiate strategies to solve existing issues with network connections and to discuss plans to expand the scale of the email network if required.

  • He/she is also responsible for preparing informative documents relating to usage and specific system standards.

  • He/she will also make recommendations to management for employees wishing to gain privileged system access and adapt a system’s security measures to enable such access.

  • He/she should also prepare instructional materials to assist employees in using and understanding the email system.

  • An email administrator should investigate the benefits and limitations of Internet access and usage types, and make recommendations to higher management on how to adapt them.

  • He/she should serve a key role in controlling a company’s data storage levels, by recommending time frames for email retention and the destruction of older electronic archives.

  • He/she may also host interactive training programs to coach workers in departments newly exposed to the email network.

  • Lengthy experience in working with email security protocols or working as an administrator in maintaining computers is advantageous to prospective email administrators, as mentioned on the Linked In job website.


  • An email administrator is responsible for maintaining a professional reputation for a company by developing professional protocol standards and reducing trivial usage of email for personal use.

  • He/she typically works alongside the human resources department to make guidelines to ensure employee confidentiality is protected and the security needs of a business are met.

  • He/she will also maintain general departmental mail boxes and participate in email migrations and core system upgrades, as stated on the Choice Recruiters website.

  • Depending on the scope and complexity of our company’s email and Internet network, an email administrator may be required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related subject.

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