December 9, 2020

UtilizeCore is the SaaS Platform Ushering in the Next Generation of Service Procurement/ Management

Meet UtilizeCore, the SaaS platform ushering in the next generation of service procurement by helping service companies separate the signal from the noise when dealing with subcontractors & clients. UtilizeCore presents a highly efficient and completely integrated software solution for any company in the business of commercial services. By streamlining and automating all of the workflow processes needed to successfully manage subcontractors as well as clients, UtilizeCore is revolutionizing how service companies organize & manage all of the separate, but connected aspects of their chaotic business operations. 

Typically, any company procuring services by hiring subcontractors in order to support a client, like a service management company, has to organize a multitude of complex and varied touchpoints in order to successfully complete any job. Not only do these ‘service brokers,’ as the CEO of UtilizeCore Ryan Gottfried likes to call them, have to complete the job they are hired to do, but they also have to keep their clients happy while ensuring quality from the subcontractor. This is why transparently providing real-time information is important; UtilizeCore’s integrated SaaS platform is so valuable precisely because it enables service brokers to do exactly that. The revolutionary software has separate, but connected portals that are hyper-targeted to solve all of the needs of the service broker as well as their clients and subtractors. This allows all three players in the process to be able to interact with each other seamlessly, in real-time, and with transparency. The ability for the service brokers, clients, and subtractors to solve all of their diverse set of problems as well as easily collaborate and interact with each other on the same platform is exactly what sets UtilizeCore apart. 

UtilizeCore’s software is modernizing the service procurement industries by accounting for and seamlessly organizing all of the meaningful real-time information & data needed by service brokers, subcontractors, & the clients they are supporting to run as well as grow their businesses. On UtilizeCore, service brokers can not only run the basics of their business operations by sending and receiving invoices, payments, and proposals on the platform, but they can also manage & monitor compliance & inventory issues as well as build a company profile on UtilizeCore’s network. Service brokers can also take advantage of UtilizeCore’s modern technology by setting up service frequencies that will auto-generate and dispatch work orders to their subcontractors as well as by receiving immediate updates about any important information from their onsite subcontractors. Finally, this game-changing software gives service brokers the capability to create customized dashboards & reports containing hyper-specific data, which can be used to make the most educated financial & operational decisions possible. 

On UtlizeCore’s completely integrated platform, both the subcontractors that the service brokers hire as well as the client that the brokers are supporting stand to benefit greatly. Subcontractors can build a profile on the platform allowing them to increase visibility for more business opportunities, manage & monitor compliance information, service areas, & other important documents as well as accept & reject highly detailed service requests containing ‘smart’ work order information, which can be updated in real-time. Clients can submit & track service requests, accept & reject proposals, agreements, as well as invoices in real-time; they can also request maintenance based on detailed deficiency reports, view each site’s work order.


history, site instructions, and any equipment information captured from the field, as well as filter for hyper-specific data at the site as well as the equipment level. 

It is expressly due to UtlizeCore’s modern & high-end technology as well as their understanding of the space that allows their software to effectively & efficiently cater to all of the complex needs of service brokers as well as their clients & vendors. UtilizeCore is clearly committed to helping service procurement companies streamline operations & grow their business with the help of software. We are excited to see how the company plans to innovate next.

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