July 6, 2022 3:22 PM

Leverage UtilizeCore To Request, Manage And Deliver Service Anytime, Anywhere.

A typical workflow of a service company starts when they receive a service request from their client. Sometimes the service request is sent via email and other times via facility management software. 75% of the companies today use paperwork to process work orders and 44% of the companies use handwritten spreadsheets to manage maintenance. This traditional process takes hours and sourcing the right subcontractor for the job adds extra hours to the work order process. Processing invoices, proposals, and RFP’s is another tedious task. Service companies use more than one software for managing different parts of one workflow causing chaos, confusion, and errors. Due to a lack of streamlined communication channels, subcontractors and service companies communicate back and forth to complete one work order. Especially when service companies are always in the field it is imperative form them to use mobile technology which promotes mobility and flexibility to help them carry out their work from any place. Service companies can now leverage UtilizeCore’s mobile application along their requesters and providers (vendors) to request, manage and deliver service anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Application For Service Requesters

  • Request Service Anytime, Anywhere
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Take Quick Actions On Invoices and Work Orders

Mobile Application For Service Companies

  • Create A Work Order In Two Steps
  • Take Quick Actions On Invoices, Proposals, And Purchase Orders Received From Your Vendors
  • Manage Invoices, Proposals, And Purchase Orders Sent To Your Clients
  • Approve Time Stamps Of Your Vendors, Team Members, And Tradesmen In One Click
  • Provide Free Mobile Application Access To Your Clients & Vendors

Mobile Application For Vendors/ Subcontractors

  • Receive More Work And Eliminate Phone Calls Back And Forth
  • Create Invoices As Soon As The Work Is Completed
  • Create And Send Proposals, Purchase Orders, And Invoices
  • Add And Manage Tradesmen And Team Members

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